Artist Bio

Hello! I'm Nick

I started rug tufting in late 2021. I was itching for a new creative outlet and it seemed ohhh so satisfying to make something with my hands. And it is!!!

Rug tufting is a textile / fiber art form of weaving yarn into fabric. To create my rugs I use a cut pile rug tufting gun, and hand powered loop & cut pile tufting tools. 

Making these rugs brings me boundless joy. Its reminded me I can learn new skills. It massages and challenges my body, mind and spirit, brings me into the present moment.

Tufting continues to help me reconnect with myself. I’m elated to connect with new people, and share my rug makings + passion for tufting with you all via Little Rug Boy.

Should you be so kind and cool as to purchase one of my rugs creations, I hope it sparks some joy, silliness and softness in you every time you see it.

Thank you for lookin' and being interested in my work! 🥳🥰💕