Little & Big Rug Care

A little care goes a long way in preserving the quality of your floor rug over time! Here are some suggestions about rug care.

If you have a Little Rug Frame or your rug is displayed on the wall, you could lightly vacuum it once or twice a year if you wanted, but beyond that no care is needed!

Should you ever need to change the frame, you could, by carefully transferring the Little Rug and it's matting into a new frame.

For rugs displayed on the floor, please consider the following:

  • Floor rugs are best set in a low foot traffic area.
  • All floor rugs have non slip backing. If your rug is backed with felt, do not put it on the ground.
  • Some rugs are made with both non slip backing and D-rings for either floor or wall display. (If your rug has D-rings on it, it'd be my recommendation to display your rug on the wall if you want to keep it *pristine* over time)
  • I spend hours detailing each rug so the design is “locked” in and each yarn fiber is in its intended place. That said, these ARE rugs, and they’re durable as such! So don’t be afraid to give your art a little rub, touch and feel! 🥰😘
  • Floor rugs can be lightly vacuumed regularly. Refrain from using vacuums at the strongest suction when vacuuming.
  • If your rug gets dirty, you can gently spot clean it. Do not get your rug soaking wet, submerge it in water, or put in it in a washing machine. This would/could significantly compromise the integrity of the rug and loosen the glue.

If you have any questions about your rug, please hit me up on IG or email [email protected]!